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Cate in NZ

Summer Sales- already!

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Yesterday I needed to go to Bluewater (our local shopping centre) as son deperately needed a new pair of school shoes :roll: A very long story there involving a not very old pair of school shoes... football games at break time... and rapidly growing feet- size 10, at age 14 and not yet anywhere near his adult height :shock:

Anyway I was gobsmacked to find the majority of stores had the summer sales in full flow already. Got son a lovely pair of shoes that fit both his and my requirements for £35, marked down from £70 :D:D:D

I also popped into Pineapple as daughter loves their outfits and usually I'm too mean to spend ridiculous amounts on dance/ casual wear like that, but yesterday I got her black jazz style trousers with a very discreet Pineapple logo on the hip, a matching zip up top and a little strappy vest all for £20. What a bargain 8) Even better she loved them when I got them home :D:D

The Pineapple assistant was very chatty and was explaining that their sale had started quite a bit earlier than usual because trade had been slow so far this year.

I'm not really much of a shopper, although I have been known to have my moments :oops: , and now I'm trying to fight the urges to go back and plunder the sales whilst the good stock is still available. I have got a few birthdays etc looming, and I do love a good bargain 8)

So, any dedicated shoppers out there.... off you go, the sales have started :wink::lol::lol::lol:

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How lucky ypu are to have a Pineapple near to you.My youngest loves their stuff,& is always in her Pineapple T-Shirt :D


I noticed the sales about a week ago in Reading,& you are right,they do seem much earlier this year :roll:

But I found a really nice cheesecloth gypsy top in New Look for £5,& got one in all 3 colours :P


Even more depressing - I saw an ad for the new NEXT catalogue - AUTUMN-WINTER 2006 :roll::twisted::roll:

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Oh yes, I've visited Serendipity many times, tiny little shop absolutely crammed to the gills with all manner of good stuff, inspirational cards, crystals by the bucket load, chimes and charms, jewellry books.... you name it. A veritable treasure trove :D

But not cheap :(

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oh god, don't tell me that please


Each day I have to drive past cribbs causeway and I have popped in :oops:


Ah well - man came to collect Wesley today (nice chap - taking Wesley to Belfast tonight)


Money could have been an issue but I have a very large wad of £20 notes sat on the mantlepiece.................

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