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Preserved artichokes cooked in honey

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This recipe is from Marcella Hazan's Marcella's Kitchen. If you don't know Marcella she writes brilliantly on Italian food: we have at least four of her recipe books & use them all regularly.


Anyway - this recipe is for preserved globe artichoke hearts. Marcella recommends serving them with boiled or grilled meats, or as a starter or part of a buffet, or in sandwiches. It's a really easy recipe, and I love the feeling of having goodies stored up for quick and easy eating!


1 Trim 3 medium globe artichokes*, cut each heart into 6 sections, and drop them into acidulated water straight away to stop them discolouring.


2 Put a scant pint of water and 250ml red wine vinegar into a saucepan & bring to the boil.


3 Add 2 tbsps salt and the artichoke wedges and cover the pan. When the liquid returns to the boil, let it boil for 2 to 3 minutes, then add 2.5 tbsps honey.


4 Boil the artichokes for 4 more minutes, then drain completely and squeeze dry with a tea towel. Set them aside to cool completely.


5 Choose a 450g (1lb) screw top jar in which the artichokes will fit tightly packed, put in the artichokes, pour enough extra virgin olive oil to cover, wait for it to settle, and add more oil if necessary. Screw the top on tightly. Keep in the fridge.


The artichokes are ready to eat within a day, or will easily last 2 months or more. Remove them from the fridge in sufficient time before serving to allow the congealed olive oil to liquify. If you repeat the recipe within a fortnight, save the oil and use it again, adding what fresh oil may be necessary.


(Actually I always use the left over oil to cook with: it adds an extra layer of flavour to salads, grilled veges, cooked meat or vege dishes).


* I haven't included instructions for preparing globe artichokes: they're in loads of places, but I will post if you want.


Hope you enjoy them!

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I think instructions would be good Christine - people seem to be confused by the poor humble artichoke :( (and then I can see if I'm doing it properly :wink: )


The recipe sounds interesting - I'll give it a go when I've been back to the house and harvested some more.

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Oh dear! Artichokes are a bit daunting. I guess the reference to removing the 'choke' is a bit scary, and the whole process can be time consuming and seems wasteful. 'How to' descriptions without actually seeing it done are also not very easy to follow.


I learnt the quickest and easiest way of preparing artichokes from watching a man preparing hundreds in a market in Venice. It was fantastic: he was very quick, and it was great for people to have all the hard work ready done for them. And he had a massive pile of waste!


However I suggest that - unless you're going to Venice - you follow the instructions in this link - there are great pictures & the visuals really help:




And remember 2 things:


1: Don't be scared by the choke - I've never even felt a tickle - let alone choked when eating an artichoke - and I'm sure my preparation hasn't been perfect


2: You have to throw loads of outer leaves & stem away, and if you're too careful about the process it'll be such hard work you'll just be put off. Everything you don't eat you can compost, so its not really wasted. The edible bit just is small!

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Yes I've tried various ready-preserved artichokes - they're never as nice as these!


I always trim the outer dark green fibrous part off the stem and eat the central core: its just as good as the heart.


Boiling the artichoke whole, and then eating it by peeling each leaf off, dipping the base of the leaf in hollandaise sauce, and then munching the fleshy part, is a wonderful thing to do. Turns lunch into a sensual and spiritual experience! And I'm sure is far less wasteful of the precious veg! Pity hollandaise is such a nuisance to make.... maybe someone's got an easy recipe for that?

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