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Chicken holiday

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We are off on holiday for two weeks in a few weeks. At first we were going to keep Gill & Joan at home and get the neighbour to look after them, but feel bad asking them to clean poo! We were also worried about them not being able to free range. Anyway we have now decided that they will stay with my friend Dawn. We will deliver the Eglu and chooks to her garden; they have made sure it is secure and are prepared for the mess. Has anyone else done this. Will our girls be ok and cope in a different place?

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It's fine taking them to someone else's house to stay - we left ours at a friends, who also has chickens, when we went on holiday for a month last year. They seemed to love it! They even got along with my friend's chickens, and all free ranged together.


Chickens adapt really quickly to their environment, so unlike cats, they don't mind being moved.

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I have just come back from my holiday in Crete :)


My neighbour came in every day to the girls and had the rabbit in her garden. They have asked if they can hang on to Fudge for a bit longer as they loved having him.


My girls have been spoilt I think, apparently last nights tea for them was jacket potato and cheese. I was expecting a poo mountain though as they still had run of the garden,but I did not want to push my luck and ask my friend to pick up the poo as well :roll: any how poo situation not too bad.


They gave me huge eggs this morning. :D


Off to Dubai next week, I am relieved to have someone come in everyday.

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