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puzzle of the day

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"we" meaning the omlet forum - or "we" meaning you and joe?


if the former - then apologies... if the latter - then 4 hrs is poor (!!) - and way too long to spending on a puzzle!!!


you must be far more patient than me - if I don't get it in 5 mins - I usually give up... that's me.. that bloke Percy Verance is no mate of mine!



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ahhh - found it now,


bunee posted it about a month ago!! :oops:


(sorry bunee!!)


"Ooops, word censored!"ody actually posted the answer, though - despite several people failing to complete it....


my offer is still open - I shall post the answer later today!!



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it's not sermon writing day today is it phil, you're normally at your wittiest then!


nope - that pleasure arrives tomorrow - a couple of funerals today and my nephew and his mate arriving from canada..


anyway - for those who have given up and want to know how it's done...


(of course the trick is to get alternating froggies of the 2 different colours so you can always jump...) thus:


Number the stones 1-7 (left to right) then click on stone:


3 5 6 4 2

1 3 5 7 6

4 2 3 5 4



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