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Thunder headache

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Since I was a child I have always got a really particular headache in thundery weather.Painkillers don't touch it,& its truly horrid :cry:


I have now had it for 3 days (never had one for so long before),so all those who live in my area look out - the big one must be on its way!!!


We have had a few rumbles & flashes,but I am now DESPERATE for a proper electrical storm - just to make the headache go :lol:

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Sarah, I get something similar, although mine is more sinus. I think its to do with the air pressure! I have been feeling decidedly "tight" for days and knew we were in for a major storm. As soon as the storm happens, I feel better.

Hope you are now feeling back to normal!

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Still no storm here,but this morning it feels much less close than it was,& the headache is gone :P:P:P


Just booked next years holidays (Kos),so I am feeling a lot better now,thanks :P

What is it about the Med - they just don't seem to get the heavy close weather that we do here :roll:

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