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bald bird......

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Penny was broody for 10 weeks (the record I think), and is now a happy chicken in the run - but now she's pulling all her feathers out???? (and still no eggs)


Is this normal? She's a Pekin bantam - and should have lovely trousers - but she's pulled all the feathers out of her feet too - so looks like a normal chook now.


Her belly has always been bald, but having no feet feathers is a bit strange. The garden is completely full of feathers!


Should I be worried? Am I going to have a completely bald bird running around the garden that I have to put suncream on?

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It could just be an aquired habit after being broody?

Is she sore, or just bald? Was wondering whether there was a skin irritation?

I guess if its habit, then you'll need to discourage it with either anti peck spray/stockholm tar. Failing that, fitting a bumper bit will certainly stop her.

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