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A new friend for Molly

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Hi All


Holly was put down yesterday with a diagnosis of egg peritonitis (see in Chicken Clinic for details about this condition).


Now we need one or two new friends for Molly who is sad and lonely. Questions:


- If we get battery rescue hens, are they lots of trouble? (This is obviously the 'right' thing to do).

- Whether battery or otherwise, how do we get Molly and her new friends to live together?

- Are there chicken breeders of repute in or around North London? In case we wanted a couple of bantams or something.


All advice welcome.

Many thanks


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Sara, it would be lovely to get some friends for Molly. There are existing stickies for introducing new chooks and the procedures you need to go through.


Having handled battery hens at the rescue, I would recommend that they have their own space for a while so that they can recover and gain strength before going in with any existing chooks. You will also need to quarantine them and watch in case they have any bugs or illnesses.


Not sure of breeders/stockists in your area, but try the back pages of Practical Poultry mag. I know of one called Kerry wilson, who lives in Markyate near Beds. I bought a hen from her once and she was very good, she advertises in P P mag.

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When I called Thornes a couple of weeks ago to ask about POL pullets, they were just expecting some day-old chicks which wouldn't be up for sale until they were 10 weeks - and POL is nearer 20 weeks! :(


How about Meadowsweet agents? They seem to be all over the place...

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