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Chicken lovers get together.

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I have posted a seperate thread as I didn't want to go off topic on the North Yorkshire Break thread.....

I know lots of us have downsized, pulled our horns in and priorotised our spending...and holidays are expensive!

So how do you fancy a chicken convention here?

We have a paddock to accomodate tents, I also have neighbours with similar facilities who would allow camping on their land.....there would be room for your igloos too.............

We have a fantastic village hall with superb facilities ie state of the art kitchen............if we could find a suitable week in the school holidays I could get a programme together. I could arrange for some after dinner talks/discussions at the village hall and the main meal could take place there.family stuff etc. If people wantd to bring wine to the evening do's this isn't a problem...it would be rented by me, as a private function.

We have a local pub so if you fancied a night off with your loved one I am sure we could arrange a baby sitting network, ie if there was a talk/discussion going on your kids would be catered for.


It's just a thought, but I think it has legs. We are 5 minutes from the beach.................a quiet fishing type beach, quiet and free!


Any thoughts?

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Love the idea, but also agree that a weekend would be easier. Unfortunately, with three kids and a dog we couldn't possibly fit the eglu and chickens in unless we bring the trailer (now there's a thought) as we have a twin pram as well.


BTW - where are you?

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I'm on a similar vein to the others, sounds like a great idea, but school holidays are pretty filled now because of the need to ferry poor children around the country to relatives willing to have them for a week or whatever to help out with childcare. 7 weeks holidays- nightmare time for working parents without local family :shock:

A weekend might be good fun though :)

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ok...weekend then.............yep this is me, mrsnesbitt......but can't get in.so to speak!



When would a good/suitable weekend be?


WQe are between Guisborough and Whitby, the B1366, off the A171!




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September then?


Say last weekend in September...or half term in October.


Depending on numbers I could sort B&B out.

There are a number of my neighbours who would let people stay in spare rooms...........

A few of my neighbours have holiday cottages...............

Loadsof my neighbours have land for camping.

So really I think I could sort out whatever anybody wanted.

I could do a treasure hunt for adults and also one for kids. On foot...

We could have a barn dance on the Saturday night.I know a caller. Bring your own booze type of thing and I, along with a few neighbours would provide a lovely buffet supper!


How does it sound?

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