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Advice please on red crusted eggs...

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Hi all,


I have had three hens for 6 months and have noticed over the last week or two that one is laying eggs with a small patch of red around the base of the egg, its a bit like a dust or crust.


The hens receive fresh water each day and are fed on layers and mixed corn with a few handfulls of grit thrown in each day, they get a warm bowl of plain rice at the weekends as a treat. They are largely confined to the eglu run at the minute due the short days and work, but I have not noticed any unusual behaviour when they have been out in the gardens at weekends etc...


Any advice would be grately appreaciated.




Richard & Amy &

Inca, Maya (the poorly one) and Henrietta

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Thanks for your advice all.


It does not wipe off and does not look like blood. I think it may well be the pigmentation explanation as the eggs are often paler on the days it occurs and it is only happening to one hen.


Is this a problem or just a quirk of the bird? She seems fine in herself.




Richard, Amy & Maya the hen.

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