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One Chicken ...?

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Our new Girl Chicken, (after returning one boy to the farm already) started to make a really loud 'boy' noise this morning. :?


What shall we do ... we have 1 girl (Pongo) we have already taken one friend away from her and now we need to take another away, we want to take him back to the farm this week. We have a few places that we are going to try this weekend to get another Chicken.


Will Pongo be OK on her own for a few days?


Are we best to take both Chickens back to the farm rather than Pongo being on her own until we can get a new Girl? And just start from scratch with two new Hens :?:


Lastly any suggestions for Breeds?!

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A few days alone should be fine - she might be more accepting of a newcomer than if you bring in a replacement straight away :)


Maybe you should get your chickens from a breeder that actually sells point-of-lay pullets - by the time they're 18 weeks, sexing usually isn't a problem :wink:

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