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Next Directory...Grrrrrr

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We ordered a wonderful superking size oak bed in the Next sale a couple of weeks ago,& it arrived yesterday,badly damaged.

They are now out of stock,so I have arranged for them to refund me & collect it.

However,they cannot collect if for 2 weeks :twisted:


Now,this parcel is MASSIVE,completely blocks my hallway & we cannot get into the downstairs loo.

I have told them that had it been in good condition it would be up in our room with me asleep in it,not blocking my entire downstairs.

I have also told them that I am not prepared to be an unpaid warehouse for Nexts faulty items,& I will be putting it on the driveway,to which they have replied that I am liable should it be stolen (why - when I don't technically own it?,surely they are reponsible for it?)


They won't budge on the pick-up date :twisted::twisted::twisted:


Ho Hum - I'm just glad I didn't also order the matress,duvet & new sheets :lol:

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Sarah, that's dreadful. Like Martin we've never had anything but the best service from them, although we never have anything that large. What a disappointment. I'd write a letter to the head office. Might not change anything but it would give you a chance to vent your frustrations

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Never had anything from Next but have had nothing but trouble from Ikea. Cutting a long story short, I was eight months pregnant and a new sofa was meant to be delivered. However on the morning it was meant to be arriving, they called to say it was not. It would not have been to much of a problem except OH ex-wife collected the old sofa the day before. It took OH to threaten them with leafleting customers at their Croydon store about how badly we had been treated etc etc. It worked :wink:


We never learnt our lesson and brought a super king mattress from them, now that is another long story........


Good luck Sarah

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