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Pinic food

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Does anyone have any ideas about what I could do for picnic food?


I'm asking this as it's my sister's birthday tomorrow and I want to do a picnic for her. I'm not sure what to cook though, but it has to be quick and simple to make and the ingredients have to be readily available. Do you have any ideas?

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OK, you can really quickly & easily make sausage rolls& lovely cheese straws using that brilliant ready rolled puff pastry from Tescos :wink:


Last week we had a Picnic & I bough some french bread rolls,the long ones,cut off the end & pulled out the bready bit.

Then I stuffed it with a mix of tuna,hard boiled egg,frenc beans,rocket,chopped toms,olive oil,crushed garlic.....whatever you fancy really....and packed it in really tight.

Then wrap tight in foil,& they are delicious for a picnic!


Hope the sun shines :P

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Well, I use those ready made quiche bases that you get (lazy,but they are really good!), & I usually make either Quiche Lorraine or courgette & parmesan.


Just fry the main ingredient up (courgette/bacon bits) allow to cool & add a mixture of 2-3 beaten eggs,seasoning, a splash of milk & whatever cheese you are going to use (parmesan for the courgette,cheddar for the lorraine).


Put the main ingredient into the base & pour the eggy cheese mix over.

I think they cook for about 25mins at 180.

Red pepper & Feta is good too :P

Hope this helps!

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Tortilla! I've been making one based on the Moro cookery book - its really good, especially if you've got 6 eggs to spare!


Let me know if you're interested.


I don't have 6 eggs at the moment as the ones we've got in the fridge at the moment are being used for tea. Thanks for the offer though.

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I'm very lazy when it comes to picnics - and in any case, in the fresh air everything tastes nicer, so I think that the simpler, the better!


I usually just pack some ready-buttered rolls, a selection of individual cheeses and meats (e.g. pick'n'mix cheeses, mini pork pies, mini Peperami) plus cherry toms, crisps and olives (and a bottle of vino, but that wouldn't be appropriate in your case!). For dessert, how about nibble-sized fruit such as cherries or grapes, or cup-cakes if you want something fancier?


Have fun!



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