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The Natural History of the Chicken

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HAAAAA we watched it here, the chicks on the conveyor belt made for some very uncomfortable watching and as with alot of american tv shows it ended up preaching to us at the end (thanks pastor whatever your name was) but it was so fun to watch the chickens on tv.


and the chicks were so cute. not sure about that woman who took her chicken swimming with her and in the car, a bit strange. the most anthropomorphic my chickens get is when they squint their eyes at me in that scandalous way when they want food

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Tell your husband that we're all far worse than that, Emma :lol::lol: !!


I'd best not Kate or i will be coming on my own on Saturday! :shock:


I think the sight of the cockerel wearing knickers and riding shotgun along side its owner on drives out really frightened him! :lol::lol:

As well as the trips to the supermarket in a shopping basket to choose the sweetcorn he wanted! :shock:


I really dont want him to get the idea that all chicken owners are complete nutters :wink::wink::lol::lol::lol:

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