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Russell's Super Chicken, Peaches and Crisps.

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This is an unusual dish, but when you get it right, it tastes great.


I learnt this from my Grandmother, who was a great (Brilliant) cook. She had learnt to cook at an early age, and having to learn to make do during the war helped her to be even better. I miss her Chicken Soup, which was heavenly, Divine Soul Food. Her carrot Tzimmis was great too, but I never got a chance to learn how to make it (although if I had, I would weigh about 50 stone, instead of my hefty 12 1/2 :shock: )


Chicken, Peaches and Crisps:



You need:


about 750 to 1Kg of Chicken breasts (If you buy ones with skins remove them)


5 to 6 Tinned Peach Slices in Syrup (NOT juice) - drained (keep the syrup) - Princes peaches are quite nice. You won't need all the peaches, but you want the syrup. If theres any sryup left over, just put it in a plastic tupperware box with the peaches - then you have your dessert.


12 to 14 packets of Ready Salted Crisps. Any R/S crisps will do e.g. Lidl's (currently 12 for 99p) You might not need them all, but then you have a snack left over if you dont use them all.


Plain Flour, Butter and Milk for a basic White Sauce mix.


1 Very large Pyrex Bowl - Believe me about this, it'll make a lot but if you get it right, you'll not be able to stop eating this.


If you don't have a pirex Bowl then use a VERY large Crock pot or similar - anything big that can be shoved in the oven. The Pyrex bowl is better from the viewpoint of it being transparent, so you can see the juices bubbling away.



1) Wash, dry and clean chicken breasts. Then dice them.


2) Cook them till they just start turning brown with a little Olive oil and a pinch of Salt and pepper. Then drain them through a sieve, and place in a bowl to cool


3) Drain the peach slices through a sieve, you want the syrup in a bowl. Cut the slices in half.


4) Prepare a basic

white sauce, remember it MUST be as smooth as possible, and cooked very slowly, otherwise it'll burn where it meets the pan base and it gives it a slightly carbony taste.


5) The oven needs to be on Gas Mark 4.


6) Once the white sauce is done, mix about 3/4 of the Syrup into it.


7) Get your bowl. This is where the fun begins.


Put a thin layer of chicken in the base of the bowl. Add some halved peach slices, and then pour the syrup thinned white sauce on top. Open a couple of packets of crisps. Break them slightly and pour them on the top.


Then add a small amount of the Syrup that was kept back and pour a little over the crisps.


Keep repeating till you reach the top, pour a generous amount of syrup on the very top layer, to stop it burning. Use 2 or 3 bags on the second layer.


3 or 4 on the third layer (and depending on whether you have reached the top now) use a good 4 or 5 packets on the top. If you have some white sauce left, put this on top as well.


Place it in the middle of the oven. It doesn't need a lid - It'll be ready when the top layer of crisps has gone dark brown - but not burnt.


The only real problem with this is that although it IS cooked, it doesn't get piping hot - Its because of the air pockets.


the only way around this is to push the chicken, peaches and sauce down with a spoon, then put the layer of crisps on.


The crisps inside will melt together, which is bliss - especially with the syrup.


The top layer will be lovely and crisp, with a sticky layer underneath.


Yummmmmmmmy :D:D:D:D:D

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