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Raising Baby Chicks

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Hiya Folks,


Can anyone help, at the moment am on a countdown for baby chicks, I have one of my broody girlies (Louise) sitting on 6 Lavender Pekin Bantams, but was in such a rush to get them to keep her happy, that as usual didnt think the whole thing through, but refuse to tell that to DH,!!!, ( you can just picture the response)

Anyway, when they hatch what do i do????, does anyone know of a site or page that will give me all the info i need to help raise them?,


Thankyou in advance, ( only 10 days to go )



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Well, mine are in a homemade incubator, so when they hatch they will go into a brooder. Yours should be ok with the Mum. Just remember to give them access to water, very shallow and on the ground so they do not drown. Perhaps a coffee lid with a pebble or two in. Also they will need to be fed chick crumb which can be obtained from most good pet stores!


Hope that helps,


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Thanks Martin, i wasnt sure if i had to take them out and put them in a box with a light etc, i was a bit worried leaving them with her as she is in with 3 others, and was worried they may peck them or eat them,!!!, well, .......

they do have a little pond in their enclosure but will obviously have to cover it up so they dont drown, .

will they be ok in their eglu, ?, thinking of night time, etc,


thanks again for your help. x

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I've hatched two broods this year and I would heartily recommend using chick crumb with ACS (a treatment to prevent coccidiosis, which can cause sudden death in chicks who are at risk until they build up their own resistance). I had to buy a big sack from my local farm store, but I did manage to use most of it for eight bantams chicks, feeding them up to the age of about 6-7 weeks. Mum ate it too, which helped reduce the mountain!


I also bought a probiotic powder from the Domestic Fowl Trust, which you add to their drinking water http://www.domesticfowltrust.co.uk/health.html (Protexin Soluble). No idea if it helped, but all eight have thrived and are very healthy chicks now aged 15 wks and 11 wks. Only shame is that six are boys, but you can't have everything!


The only other advice (apart from ENJOY!!) is to separate them from the other chickens as they may be bullied or killed. Also to keep them safe from predators until they are more grown up.


Good luck ............. and have fun :)

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