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Guest Alison-s.

surprise potatoes

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I have recently ventured into veggie growing in a small plot in my garden that has been a flower border for 9 years.

I have planted purple sprouting broccoli, runner beans, lettuce, and leeks. However I have got 7 potato plants growing also that I have not planted. Hubby says he has not put them in. Is it possible that I could have thrown peelings and maybe a potato or two into the border in the distant past and they rooted. I cant remember doing this so if I did it must have been a long time ago.

Do you think I could leave them in and then harvest and eat the crop?

Or should I dig them up?

I would have liked to grow my own potatoes but when I decided to start veggie growing I was late in the season starting.




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Sorry, I don't know the answer, but I'd love to hear it because I've found potatoes growing in my compost bin. Probably same story as you, potato peelings or maybe just plain past it's best potato chucked out to compost, and now I have a small crop :) But are they edible ?

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