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Hi everyone

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Hi everyone - finally manged to get on the forum tho I have been browsing the site whilst waiting to get on.

Had my chickens for a month now and they laid within two days of getting them - how chuffed was i :shock:

Had a blocked/sour crop problem initially , basically because I had a very greedy hen who we have now renamed Jordan - well its pretty obvious now although she is a lot more modest now she's been unblocked :lol:

Have two maran hybrids and a whitestar who is not living up to her reputation as she is the boss of the eglu and has now started terrorising any bird that dares to come in to our garden - still took care of teh starlings eating my apples this year. Yesterday they found they could get into the apple tree despite having their wings clipped - was hysterical seein them trying to get down

Hope to catch u all soon



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