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ex battery hens

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Hi Nick, the best person to speak to about this would be Buffie - I'll point her in this direction.


From my understanding, and from having seen the hens at a rescue, I think it would be better if they could be kept in seperate digs for a while until they have recovered their health and are ready for the rough and tumble of garden chicken life.


They are very rewarding though, and I would recommend them for the experienced hen keeper. Mel has some rescue hens, and sadly lost one recently.

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I am sure Buffie will be along soon with loads of good advice

In the meantime we adopted four ex rescues in mid July. We already had seven hybrids and pure breeds. We were very lucky in that we were able to buy a new eglu for the new girls so the introductions were first made through the run, then they would free range together and now all the eglus are in one big pen so they spend the mornings in that and the afternoons free ranging.

Try the battery hen welfare trust website - they have a forum and will be really helpful I am sure.




Good luck!!

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So has Kaz, unless I'm very much mistaken... and a few others..


I'm sure they'll be along with some advice...


Mel's advice seems pretty much on the mark to me, though...



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I'm not sure about just adding one ex-battery hen to two established Omlet hens, Nick. If you'd be able to do as Claret says and keep the new one separate for a few weeks until she's recovered from her ordeal and is strong enough to put up with all the pecking order skirmishes, maybe but I wouldn't just put one ex-batt in with tough, bully girl hybrids or she'll not stand a chance. I'm also sure I heard somewhere that the Battery Hen Welfare Trust don't rehome single birds - I might be wrong though. I'm sure Buffs will know.

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