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Is uneven floor a problem?

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My partner and I are planning on putting the eglu on concrete, with hemcore in the run - much easier to keep clean than the grass. However the concrete is quite uneven; in one place, it leaves a 2cm gap between the run and the floor, for about a 30cm length.


Is this big enough to be a problem, fox-wise? I can put some bricks on the run edges there...

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We put the Eglu on concrete too -although ours is not uneven. My left-brained husband worked out a solution which has the run as impenetrable as Fort Knox.

First we set cinder blocks (breeze blocks in UK?) on the concrete to support the Eglu & used the same size blocks in a ring directly under the run skirt. Needed to shift the blocks about a bit to get a close fit.

Next, we slid the Eglu+run off, and filled in the run space w'chips.

Then we positioned the Eglu+run back on top. So now no entry possible from below.

Then we chose smaller, more attractive, pavers - like you use for a patio -all the way around on top of the skirt. These are light enough that I can easily remove them all, to move the Eglu+run off, but their combined weight prevents a predator from lifting the run - even if they manage to get some of the pavers off.

Cleaning out the run is easy. I lift off 6 pavers on skirt by run door, remove the front panel of the run, slide the cinder blocks from that section out of the way - which is easy on concrete - and rake out the soiled chips on to a tarpaulin.

I was skeptical about how it would look - but with the pretty pavers on top and some curved stone edging around the eglu itself, it looks very nice!

Access to the poop tray is easy - because the Eglu itself is higher, supported by the blocks.

We hooked a wooden chicken ramp to the blocks under the run door - so the girls can get to the yard when it is Free Range Time.

The blocks were just over a dollar each and the pavers were under a dollar each.

If you have an uneven spot on the concrete I think you might have to put some fill-in concrete down first so the blocks dont wobble too much. Don't ask me how you do that - I'm the right brain one!

If my husband were home, I'd post a photo - but he has drill this weekend with his Army Reserve unit - so maybe later.

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Do post that picture xraylady. Love to see how you have done it :!::D


Yes, pictures!


My OH made a wooden edging to keep the chips in, which we have put around the eglu. Luckily it is such a close fit, that where the eglu doesn't meet the ground the wood does, and visa versa - so it's pretty secure now :)

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OK, OK, finally, finally, FINALLY!!!!! After much hair-pulling & cursing, I have successfully put 2 pictures in the gallery thingy. I am inordinately proud of myself - computerese looks like dyslexic Serbo-Croatian to me (apologies to all Serbs & Croats). Bloody brilliant.

So if you want to look at my hyper-defended run set-up, in the gallery I describe it as Fort Knox for chickens. The radar tower & Exocet launcher are being installed next week. . .

PS You'll have to find your own way to the pictures on the gallery I'm afraid. My poor brain needs a rest. Please overlook my embarrassing initial screw-ups also. But still, I am a very clever old thing dontcha think? (gosh I hope they are still there. . .)






I've just popped a couple of quick links in for you. - LJ

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