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Finding chickens.lace wyandottes and buff orps

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Would anybody be able to point me in the direction of any breeders in Scotland where I'd be able to get lace wyandottes and buff orpingtons?


We get our Eglu Friday week and I'd like to try and find my chooks now so I can pick them up next week... I have the patience of a saint :lol:


These breeds look so good and are supposed to be really friendly so they've caught my eye.


Any advice from anyone that has these hens would also be greatly recieved.


ta very much



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Hi Nikki


I'm not sure where abouts in Scotland you are, however here is the place I got my 4 most recent girls




the man is very nice and has lots of different chickens, Turkeys and Ducks. I ordered mine over the phone without actually seeing them, they turned out to be great little birds. The breeder put them together for me so they had already established a pecking order by the time I went to collect them. It was quite a trek to collect (Edinburgh) them, a 4hour drive each way on snowy roads, but I would go there again.

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