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Omlet Pellets

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I think they have a website with local stockists listed,but I can't find my link,sorry :?


I am sure someone will be along in a minute.


Just another point,my girls have had all different sorts of layers pellets,& haven't turned their beaks up at anything yet.

Try looking for feed stockists in the yellow pages & seeing what they stock :P

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Omlet charge £18 for there layers pellets including deliver l get it from about 10 min away for £8.50 l order it the week before and save loads but it would be nice to know where the wholesaler is a l bet its cheaper then that.Any one know that at all.This women at one of the shops that get it said gillets but cant find any thing on that


(green eglu)(Bluebelle) bluebell (Bluebelle) ruby GNR marmalaid

ex batterys GNR honey GNR millie GNR cookie

living as they should happy and free

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