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My latest ebay feedback

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Buffie, if the items are large & for collection only,then make sure that you get a cheque & clear it before the item is collceted.

Don't send out anything by post on an uncleared cheque either :?


I like Paypal,but you are charged a fee for its use,so bear that in mind.

Cash on collection is by far the safest option for larger items,Postal orders are also good (but be aware that if they are crossed you cannot cash them in a post office,they have to be paid into a Bank!)


I only accept paypal from overseas buyers,as otherwise payment can take ages & you can also be charged by your bank.


Make sure you have a good terms & conditions section written up, with any specifics in it that you want.

If you want to take a look at a listing of mine,drop me a pm & I will send you a link :P

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Yep, thats what I tend to do too.


Although I prefer to start my listings low (as there is a sliding ebay scale of fees too, & a 99p start is cheapest) & make the P&P slightly more (although not HUGELY more)


IE - the necklace I have listed will cost about 80p to send,30p for packing materials & I have charged the buyer £2 for postage,therefore covering any Paypal costs.

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I used to sell loads on eBay, but since the postal rates have altered so radically I haven't listed a thing. I no longer have a local Post Office either, and wasting lunchtime in the Post Office queue in a not too pleasant part of Birmingham lost its appeal :shock:


I used to wait for the 5p or 10p listing days and list like fury for anything I wanted to ask more than 99p for, and of course passed the charges on through the post and packing/handling charge, just like everyone else does, even though you're not supposed to :D

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