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New Chickens brought home today - PICS

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Hi All


Well i have been plotting these new chickens since the day after the first three arrived in November and AT LAST they are here! :D


I went back over to see Cookie Monster, her mad but so CUTE doggies and her genius WIR builder husband and she very kindly gave me an egg from each of her girls. They will be going in quiche in a minute! Then after a coffee we tottled off to collect the chooks that I reserved last weekend.


Well after a stressful (for me! not the chooks) drive home I moved the Orps into the WIR, popped the newbies into the eglu run and left everyone to it!


Well then the screaming started! I ran outside thinking Gin had disovered her wings, managed to scale the currently roofless WIR frame and spotted the newbies but NO......it was porridge time and I had forgotten :roll: So porridge was made for the big girls and they ate is whilst free ranging in the Human side of the garden.


The orps clocked the newbies from their side of the fence but don`t seem bothered, not a peep out of either party. SO i got brave and let the bigs girls back into the chicken garden. They wandered up to Eglu run, had a little lookie loo and then carried on with their normal business. :D


Here are the newbies:


Snowball the Amber Star



and Fizz the Bluebelle



They are investigating the water and food and seem quite perky! Just had a sneaky look out of the window and the Orps and both sitting about a foot away from the eglu run. Intros SO FAR look promising! :D

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ooh the blue bell looks a really pretty one...and looks very content. ..want one want one :mrgreen:


AND cookie monster I note u have a cocker spaniel "Ooops, word censored!" ...I have a very good looking cocker spaniel boy Bertie if she ever needs a new best friend(or a few new best friends)


Palmer Glad the chicks are all nearly mixed in..let us know that peace continues(I found someone locally today who has a menagerie of chickens ..whilst i was out with pony so got some good advice ) Told me as I live in the countryside a cockerel was essential(he must have had about 4) Do you have one of those yet :?:


Love the pics


roll on


(cube green) 14/4/2009 :)

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notice i got a "oops word censored " for typing in Cocker spaniel!!!! dont think its a swear word... :lol: indie


No No ...i know what it was its the dog word for a girl dog beginning with b :lol: just realised

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Thanks everyone :D


Trying to get OSH into the cube last night was a nightmare but we got there in the end.


The newbies are still quiet but the old girls started bokking at 7am to be let out of the cube. I try and get them to have a lay in until at least half seven on a Sunday but I think with the new house move they were anxious so I have been in the garden in my dressing gown trying to keep them quiet.


I opened the Eglu for the newbies at 7 but they took twenty mins to wander out. they are both eating so that`s good.


Off outside to move the omlet netting so the Orps can free range and we can put the roof of the WIR :D


This intro malarky is a wee bit stressful when you live in a cul de sac and Mrs "I like the sound of my own voice" is already twitching her curtains. Gin better get laying so i can take her some eggs.


Next problem.....will Gin realise to go to the Cube instead of the Eglu to lay?

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They look lovely :D your Amber Star is much more elegant than mine, mine looks like a blooming great clodhopper compared to Snowball.


They look really happy and healthy, did you go to Thornes for them?


They have both grown in the week since ireserved them but next to the orps they are quite small. Alway have to remind myself that under the massive duvet of feathers there is a little body. I didn`t go to Thornes, I went to a farmer in Fulbourn, the same place where Cookie got Flo and Dory.


They still have a fair bit of growing but Fizz the bluebelle has some comb and wattledge already. :D


lovely girls! :D


Fizz looks just like my Eleanor, the breeder called her a "Blue Comet" but she looks exactly the same. Are Bluebelles hybrids?


this is Ellie http://www.liverpoolpoet.talktalk.net/051008.29.jpg


Yes, the bluebelle is a hybrid :D Lovely picture!


and although i had to put her into the cube to do it, Gin has just laid her egg :D She was pacing about and making a right old racket before hand and I swear at one point she was crossing her legs to keep it in! :roll:

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It is lovely to see all these photos of your chickens and I realised that I still have not posted any pics of my girls and they have been with us now since last July. The pics are not great but here goes. I guess my most beautiful is George Harrison (Georgie) a lovely, big Daisybelle. I believe they Daisybelles are a cross between a Rhode Island Red and a Sussex? (Pied Sussex). Georgie is beautiful and knows it.She was the last to lay- only started in December.

The other two girls are much smaller. Mistress Mabel is a Warren and a prolific layer. Her eggs are always the biggest. HSe was the first to start laying. She is very timid, excepte whn it is porridge or treat time. Henrietta is a bluebelle and lays distinctive torpedo-shaped eggs which were quite small for ages but are now around 60-65g.

The first photo is not long after we got them and the cats were so intrigued.



Now they have grown somewhat, the garden is trashed as they free-range most of the time and the cats are scared of them- especially when they do Olympic style running at breakfast and treat time!!




I do have some good ones of them at the kitchen window on my phone but I haven't worked out how to get them off yet.

PS Sorry they are so big but when I tried to resize nothing seemed to happen. is that me or photobucket?

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