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Chicken Size

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We have had our chooks for about 4 weeks now. we were told that they were about 16 weeks old. We have 2 peppers and 1 ginger. Now the ginger is far bigger than the peppers and also is gettting a nice comb. The peppers on the other hand have stayed relatively the same size as when they arrived. Their combs have also not developed. I think the peppers are slightly younger than the ginger but i would have thought that they would have developed more by now???


Has anyone else found this?

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:) Although my Pepperpot was larger than the GNR, her comb seemed to take forever to develop, and I waited 11 weeks for eggs! So, yours may be a bit younger too, and it's early days yet. Once the comb did develop, the change was very noticeable, but it was small & pale for weeks first.

Just be sure that they are eating their pellets/mash well, but if so, I'm sure there's nothing to worry about, & the next few weeks should be interesting. :)

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