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Those First Time Nerves

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Hi All,


We get our eglu on Wednesday (along with out 2 hens). We are very excited about our new arrivals.


However, my mother-in-law said that a hen wandered into her neighbours garden at the weekend, they shut it in the greenhouse while they tried to find the owner. She said that she could hear the 'squawking' from inside her house. Will the noise be a problem with our neighbours?

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I must admit that I was a little apprehensive about the noise from our girls when they arrived but have to say that they are pretty quiet. Neighbours have said they can hardly hear them most of the time - the only time they really squawk is if they have just layed ( and only 1 of mine does it), if they are frightened of something (the cat is pretending he is brave!) and when they are fighting (we are intoducing a new girl at the moment!) I have heard no noise at night or early mornings yet as we shut the Eglu door at night anyway because of foxes in the area. You can always bribe your neighbours with a few free eggs when they start laying!! In fact, one of my neighbours sais she nearly asked me to buy 3 hens to start and they would pay for one! (and obviously get 1/3 of the eggs. So now we have 3 anyway and I gave her a box at the weekend and she was really pleased. I'm sure others will come along to reassure you as well - good luck for hte delivery and enjoy having your new chickens. :D

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We have had our chickens for nearly 2 weeks and they don't make very much noise at all. They cluck happily when we let them out in the morning and make a lovely sort of purring niose when they sit on a ledge under the garden table - I hope it's a happy sound and not a sad one! :?

I have checked with the neighbours a couple of times re the noise, but they all say they have hardly heard anything.


Good luck with yours



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We had our hens for a week before the neighbours popped round. They had no idea that we had them and they had been next to their garden fence for the week! As we're so proud and to avoid any possible future problems (which I cant forsee) a box of eggs will be passed over the fence soon!

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Well, they do squawk a bit sometimes,but its not too bad.

I have 5,& I know that if I open my back door & look at them,they stop :lol:


They do a sort of "Bok Bok Bok Bok BAGARRRK" thing


The one shut in the greenhouse was probably a bit more vocal if she had just been deprived of a nice wander about pecking at grass :lol:

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