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Pickled Onions

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:lol::lol::lol: Cheeky :wink::lol: !


OK, I've found a couple of recipes - good job I've got an extensive collection of old cookery books :wink: . I'm afraid the first one needs the onions to be brined before pickling though.


Pickled Onions


For best flavour, keep for 3 months before opening.


1. Select small, even-sized onions. Place without peeling in a brine made from 450g salt to 4.5 litres of water. Place a plate on top to keep onions submerged.

2. Leave 12 hours, peel and place in fresh brine for 24 hours.

3. Drain thoroughly and pack into screw top jars. Cover with cold spiced vinegar which should be 1cm above the onions. Cover securely with vinegar proof tops.


(If you need a recipe for spiced vinegar, give me a shout!)


Pickled Onions - 2 - makes about 2kg


1.8kg silverskin onions

60g white peppercorns

30g allspice berries

6 cloves

2.3 litres white wine vinegar or distilled malt vinegar

1½ tbsp salt


Put the onions in a large bowl and cover with cold water. Using a stainless steel knife, peel the onions under the water - to prevent tears! Once peeled, put them into a bowl of clean, cold water.

Tie up the peppercorns, allspice and cloves in a small square of muslin and put into a large pan with the vinegar and salt. Bring to the boil, reduce the heat and simmer for 3 minutes, then skim any scum from the surface and discard the spices.

Drain the onions and dry well with kitchen paper. Bring the vinegar to the boil, add the onions and cook for 5 minutes until translucent.

Strain off the hot vinegar from the onions and reserve. Pack the hot onions tightly in clean, warm jars. Fill each jar with enough hot vinegar to cover the onions completely, then cover the jars with vinegar proof lids. When the onions are cold, label the jars and store in a cool, dry, airy cupboard for one month before eating. Use within 6 months.

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Honey Onions (nice sweet crunchy pickled onions the easy way)


Buy a jar of organic pickled onions (Garners are nice), drain them (throw away the pickling vinegar), wash and dry them. Put them back into sterilised jar. Heat up some runny honey and pour over the onions, covering them. Seal with lid and store for about 2 months before eating (but they will keep indefinitely).

The onions that come out are GORGEOUS.

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