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Cooking oil - disposal of....

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Can anyone advise me on the best way to dispose of cooking oil? If I only use a little bit I tend to let it soak into the rubbish in the bin, but occasionally I use more and never know what to do with it! Lizzy has made samosas which need frying so I'll have a panful to get rid of! :? Any ideas very welcome.

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All I can suggest is putting it in a jar/bottle and then throwing it away. Not very green, sorry


We bought some fat traps, which are little plastic jars and you put your used fat in them and then you can make fat-balls for the birds, although we have never managed to make any as we don't use hard fat :roll: so they were a bit of a waste of money


Or, your local council/tip may have somewhere to dispose of it, some of them have disposal vats for local restaurants etc.

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