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8) Just a note to say welcome back from holiday, SarahJo! Hope you all had a good time in France.

Did you bring back plenty of wine? :shock::lol::lol:


Thought we could continue this thread with holiday tips etc :D Meanwhile, off to enjoy scorching Costa Snorbens avec chooks, before the weather turns :P

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:P We flew to Lyon and had a 4 hour drive to the SW of France, though the journey was very pretty .. loads of Sunflower fields and VINES :D . The return was from Nice (on standby with B.A who Graham works for :roll: ), so we only had an hours drive then to the airport along the coast ....not as pretty as the sunflower route, but more appeasing for the kids.


Anyway ... we stayed in a town called Cogolin, which is 11kms from St Tropez, so basically we beached out 8) . Cogolin means "Cockrel in the Linseed", and was named after a Cockrel flew from a fishing boat into the linseed field, where the travellers then settled (something like that). Graham was pretty miffed, as there were loads of chickeney things to buy, and a gorgeous pottery, with all ramekins, plates, cups etc decorated with handpainted hens ... very provencal too. 8):D .


Will add to my "Henorabillia" album .....though was restrained in chickeney things, to allow room for the "bottles" of special grape juice :wink::lol: .


My neighbour did a great job of hen sitting, and bless her, even cleaned them out the day of our return ... she did not know how to empty the droppings tray though ... so did it all through the eggport ... :shock: . Needless to say she got wine and a chickeney thankyou. :P .

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Did you come back with an authentic St Tropez tan Sarah! People pay a fortune for one of those don't they!


I remember all the fields of Sunflowers when we drove down to Nice. Absoloutly gorgeous aren't they, as is the 'grape juice'


I started my henrobillia collection at the weekend. Will try to get some pics in the gallery too.


Nice to see you back.....is it nice to be back in the rat race!

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Perfect place for a chicken owner to stay :D !! Did you know what it meant before you went?


Looking forward to seeing the henorabillia in the gallery - must photograph mine too sometime!


Nice to see you back after your holidays - just in time for the school holidays too!!

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:lol: BOO Sheila ....

Aghhhh, you crept up on me there SarahJo. We posted together then, so I jumped when your Avatar appeared!

... :lol: .


Did you come back with an authentic St Tropez tan Sarah!
:( No not really .. Ben got the best tan of all of us, I tend not to do the "al- fresco" topless thing, and then after a few days get a really bad heat allergy :roll: , apparently I am brown though :D . Feel more like a chicken run than a rat race, had to face paint at the summer fair before I went, then Bens sports afternoon today .... and the remainding 3 days of term are PACKED :shock: . I need another holiday already 8):lol::lol:


Did you know what it meant before you went?
.. No Kate, it ws a total coincidence .. spooky or what :shock: .


Off to post pics in allotments/chickens.

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:lol::lol::lol: I kept evrything on I can assure you all :D .


The wine allowance was fine ... and on the return home, even with Ben and Joe we were pushed into club class and given loads of champagne .... we had to slum it on the way out and have loads of free booze in the cheap seats. :roll::lol::lol::lol: .


It does help though if there is a problem mid-flight, to have an engineer on board, esp when its HIS planes, so to speak. :P

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