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What do I need to consider before getting a new rabbit(s)

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I haven't had a Rabbit for about 7years and was really lucky with my last one as he never needed to go to the vet etc, I got him from a friend who's rabbit had babies.


Now I would be going to a pet shop or rescue centre but not sure what signs I should be looking for to make sure I get a healthy rabbit. I know they can sometimes have problems with teeth alignment is there anything I should be looking for there?


Any advice greatly appreciated.

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Hi Jen Jen,

Its your decision I know and do whats best for you,but I would never get a rabbit from a pet shop again, we have a lovely local one and she gets them from a good breeder, thats where I got my two from but one died after two weeks :cry: I was heartbroken, I still have the other and hes always been strong, I then got my little girl from the RSPCA and shes lovely, as you know there are so many bunnies wanting homes and you know they will have had full health checks.Sorry I won't go on, best of luck!

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Asked the local vet and they didn't know of any either will try some of the other vets near by. No hurry now as have decided to wait until next year when the house & garden is more settled and organised. Just moved into a new build and the lawn has only just been laid & still unpacking boxes so makes sense to wait. Will give me more time to save up for an eglu too...

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