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For all chicken lovers out there

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Hi there i have just joined but had my three beautiful chickens(Henny, Jenny & Penny) for nearly over five months. I need to tell everyone out there with chickens something that i feel i owe my chickens.


I bought some netting from omlet to extend there run because they kept pacing in the eglu run and i felt sorry for them.


On Wednesday 4th October at around 6:30pm i went down to find my three lovely chickens lying on the ground. :cry: A fox had unfortunatly found them. I dont know how it got in...i surpose thats why they are called cunning. More upsetting is that i got up early to bury them and they were gone.


I couldnt belive it and i still cant now. I keep looking at there run expecting them to be there. I cant believe how much it has affected me.


People i have spoken to dont seem to understand and say that they were only chickens. But they were more than that, they were my chickens with there own little charecters.


I will never forget my little chickadoo's. There will always be a place in my heart for them. Rest in peace my feathered friends.


So my message to all chicken lovers is to keep your chickens in there eglu run when you are not in the garden at this time of the year. Even if they pace and look unhappy. Just remember its for there own good because i dont want anyone too go through what i have. Found out that this time of year foxes have there cubs, so go on a food craze.

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So sorry to hear your terrible news. Don't let anyone trivialise what's happened. Chickens are like part of the family and losing any of them is heart-breaking. I was devastated when we lost Lily, but it did get easier with time. My heart really does go out to you and I'm sending big hugs your way. X

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So very sorry to hear about your girls.

We lost Penny to a fox (also from inside the netting where we thought she would be safe). I was heart-broken.

We have now electrified the fence - quite easily done - and although the fox came back (we are sure) we heard him scream when he put his nose to the fence on a particularly wet evening.

We have four pussycats and the fence is not a problem for them and the chooks stay away from it too.

The OH now also adores the chooks. Anyone who thinks they don't have their own personalities should look after them for a while - our nephew stayed to look after all the pets whilst we were away and fell in love with the chickens - he couldn't believe how adorable they were - to know them is to love them.

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It must be dreadful to lose all three at once.


I would advise getting three new hens and an extension to your Omlet run. Then there will be enough room to keep them in over winter.


Next spring, you should really only let them out when you are in the garden. It's an awful bore, but better than the alternative.


"My" fox runs along our back wall, jumps on to our shed roof, and then lies there watching and hoping that either I or the hens will make a mistake. He has done this for three weeks now, and one of my hens did make a mistake. The others are much sharper-witted and I am confident he won't get them while they are in the Omlet run.

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