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fitting anti pecking bits

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Hi, we are re-introducing Gerty to the run with our other 3 hens and want to also stop the feather pecking issue we also have.


we have got some anti-pecking bits but i have to say we are struggling to fit them. our first attempt managed to successfully block the nose of the poor unsuspecting chicken.... is this normal or should we try to move the bit around and not compress the soft tissue on the nose area?


any tips on re-introducing Gerty by the way would be welcome, she has been living in the house for the last 5 weeks recouperating after our westie attacked her. pretty much all healed up (well as much as she ever will be)



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Can't help you on the anti-pecking bits - I don't have a clue!!!


We had to keep Chutney away from the other two while they had colds and were on antibiotics, and she slept in an old cat box in the conservatory at night. She re-introduced to the others with no problems, though she had been able to mock them during the day as they languished in the run whilst she roamed the garden..... Interestingly, though, the dynamic has changed...whereas Chutney and Treacle always hung around together before, whilst poor little Parsnip tagged along hopefully, Chutney is now Miss Independant, total boss chicken, and Parsnip and Treacle follow her around like courtiers.


Good luck with it all!



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Ruby is a confirmed punk and wears an anti peck ring all the time. We have to change them frequently as she squashes groves into them making them useless. We have found the easiest way to to have one person holding her still while the other person gently holds her by the back of the head and stretchs her neck at little to stop her pulling back. I usually do this sitting down with her head on my leg. I then slip the ring into her mouth and flip the ends up and back to get them to slot into place.


I bet that makes no sense at all reading it. Next time we do it I'll try and get pictures as it took us ages to get the first ones on. Poor girl is getting very resigned to the rings and being sprayed with vile substances but she is starting to get some feathers back (ish)

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Babs (GNR) has had hers on for about a week now. After one failed attempt the OH decided not to help :roll:, so I wrapped her in a towel quite tightly then put the bit in her beak and pushed the 'claws' into her nostrils. It is a very tight fit!


Thought she would suffocate, so watched her for a while but she is now fine. Although she cant 'tear' radish leaves anynore, so i cut them up foir her :oops:.


Laverne (PP) the 'peckee' has feathers growing back!!! :D:D:D


Good luck!


Christian x x x

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