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We now have student voice at school. This is to try and change our school and make it into a better place. I'm a member of the 'Recycling and green energy' team!


My first training session is on Thursday! It'll be fun!


And I was wondering what green issues I should deal with at my school, I was thinking of these to do first:


Make teachers switch off things when they're not in use.

Getting the Food side of technology to get in compost bins to get rid off they're food waste.

Putting recycling boxes in classrooms to get rid of paper.


What do you think?

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Oh, just another thing..............just to let you know that persistence does pay off..............I'm at Sussex uni and students are always nagging for the uni to be more green and it does work.............lots of recycling, many of the uni maintenance vehicles are electric and they're just spending loads an a brand new energy efficient heating system for the whole campus! :D

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