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Cheese on toast ummm

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Do you ever find it's easy to forget those simple snacks such as cheese on toast.....This might seem like a pointless thread but food is the only thing on mine and my unborn childs minds at the momment.


These are my two fav combos:


Apple and cheese on toast


Cheese and mild tabassco on toast....


oh dear i should really get out more :lol:

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Aaaaaaaah, you can't beat a toasted cheese sandwich, with worcester sauce splached over it before you grill it, and a little pot of coleslaw on the side.






Not forgetting the mug of hot chocolate to go with it!

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This thread has just reminded me that my son's favourite snack when he was little was "Tiger" toast... cheese on toast, grilled naturally, then thin stripes of marmite on top. He loved it as an after school snack when he was at primary. I might make him some again soon, see if he still likes it :D:D

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Yep, I love cheese and marmite on toast. And cheese and tomato on toast - I put the tomato under the cheese but my mother puts it on top!

And along the same lines, toasted cheese and peanut butter sandwiches. Yummy! :D

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