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Immersion tank

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A little rant i suppose and any advice welcome.......


We had a new tank fitted roughly a yr ago as the old one really had had it and two days ago it burst filling up the landing :evil: the plumber who fitted the new tank came out four times and today eventually had to replace it followed by a bill £85.00 for labour £254.98 for the tank....I asked him if we could claim back the money for the tank he said he had enquired and that they will take it for testing (the manufacturer)but they will say it could have been damaged in the fitting or there is something in the water that has destroyed the copper in the tank :? ...... phoned trading standards they think we have a case just wondered if you lot had any thoughts

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Your plumber could be spinning you a yarn.


Surely no water tank would be constructed of something that won't withstand water!!!!


If the water supply to your house was so corrosive, surely you would be very ill by now.


Contact the manufacturer yourself and see what they say. The tank should have had some sort of guarrantee.


Is your plumber properly accredited? If so his work should be guarranteed.


Threaten him with the Small Claims Court if you get nowhere with other enquiries.


Someone is at fault and it aint you!

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:shock: There should be nothing in your water that damages copper! as it is a very unreactive metal hence used in water piping,


sounds like he has bodged something and doesn't want to admit it or pay for it


ditto to try small claims/ trading standards, and house insurance, and if he is accredited then his insurance.


karen x

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Thanks you lot , no our insurance doesn't cover it never mind we talked to him (the plumber) and said that we want him to chase it up with the supplier and manufacturer he mumbled and grumbled for a bit and when we mentioned trading standards thought we have a good case (and the fact that we've not paid him yet) he perked up and is on the case!!!


Well it's a start lets hope it doesn't get ugly

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You could bring a claim against the plumbers own liability insurance.

If the tank leaked only after a year there is either something wrong with the tank or the way it was fitted

Your first port of call is against the plumber who owes a contractual, common law and statutory duty of care to you. The Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 implies a condition into all contracts that the supplier of the service does so with reasonable care and skill.

I would make a claim against his insurance first and then let his insurance and the manufacturer's insurance fight it out after they have settled your claim.

Any good?

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