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sprout growing thingy

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20p. That is a bargain!


I can't remember clearly exactly how to do it but you can use lentils and all sorts of beans.


I'm sure someone must know - or you could look on the internet for instructions.

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I do lots of beansprouts - in a jam jar with a piece of cloth on the top for straining. I have found that alfalfa are the easiest to sprout.


My method is to put a couple of tablespoons of seeds into the jar with plenty of water to soak for several hours to get them going. Then strain off the water. I leave the jar on the kitchen windowsill by the sink to remind me to rinse them regularly. 4 or 5 times a day give them a good rinse in cold water, drain out all the water then leave till next time.


Sprouts should be ready in about 4 days.


I have had mixed success with other beans.


What does your sprouter look like - is it a jar or a square plastic thing with several layers?


Good luck



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I sprout loads to and the soak, drain, then twice daily rinse seems to work for most things. Chikpeas are lovely after just 24hours, mung beand and green lentils are my other favourites.


Martin treat Broccoli seeds like alfalfa. and if you don't like them the chooks will. Once sprouted the seeds will keep for up to four days in the fridge

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