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Phil's crushes part 2...

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Blimey - I'm beginning to think that the media is running a Phil's-crushes-special week...


Clare Grogan has just been on R5..


what young man did NOT have a crush on Clare back then?? eh?


Gregory's Girl - one to watch with the missus - as she had a crush (as all the girlies did back then) on John Gordon Sinclair...


Clare even appeared in Red Dwarf! how cool was that!!


(or maybe it's just girls called Clare??)





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Deffo not Clare in the first piccy (who I used to be mistaken for in my youth)

Here she is,way back when......




And here she is playing Kris Kochanski on Red Dwarf



Talking of crushes in general,not just Phils,have any of you caught "Make me a super model" & checked out the divine surfer dude Albert?

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I loved the film Gregory's girl, but I'm afraid it wasn't John Gordon Sinclair that did it for me, he's never really been my type, too thin and weedy for me :roll: , but I loved the gentle humour...... and the penguins :shock:

Yep, in my late teens I had a major crush on penguins, still do in fact :oops::oops:

Didn't John Gordon Sinclair used to be engaged to Ruthie Henshall? I always considered her to be an attractive woman, I've got a similar hair colour, but that's where the similarity ends, not the body nor the talent, more's the pity :(:roll:

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The girl at the top is Gregory's Girl (but I think Phil was making reference to Gregory rather than the girl). There was a clip of Gregory's Girl on telly the other night and it reminded me how attractive girls were in the early 80s with all that hairspray... Very dishy!


Indeed Dan - thanks for clearing that up - me and the missus were talking about our respective crushes as the radio was on - and that's the photo I found to prove how deluded she was.... :lol:


I don't know what it was about clare - probably the voice as much as anything else - and I'm a sucker for a Scots accent..


anyway - I went to find my Altered Images vinyl - only to find that it is gone... ("Ooops, word censored!"ody is owning up!! :evil:) - so I've just downloaded just about the entire back-catalogue and I feel young again!!



I shan't start on my fave raves...



awww... go on Dan - as long as there are no Doctor Who actresses in there...


let me guess... Felicity Kendall?? I'm right aren't I!!!!





My missus wouldn't let us name our daughter after Felicity!!



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ahh - a Young Ones fan, Dan!!


Juliette Binoche and Debbie Harry - both worthy namesakes!! (but Binoche's fame was well after my teenagedom! - she is the same aga as me, but I have obviously worn slightly less well!!)


OK Dan..


what about Phillippa Forrester.. she was totally babe-ilicious - and (Omlet Folk) - she has a Phd in Chicken Management


Philippa - the thinking man's totty..







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the missus is welsh...


hence the kids are called Hywel, Emrys and Carys - welsh names that English folks have a chance of being able to pronounce..


but had we had a third boy - he would have been Teilo...



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