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Remember, remember the 5th of November. . .

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. . . because it was FIRST EGG DAY!! :D:D:D

Nina was acting weird from the get-go this morning, wouldn't settle to her mash, making funny alarm sounds, pacing up and down the run, in and out the Eglu - after a while Doris & Lily noticed, stopped eating & then they would not let her alone. In the end I shut Nina in the Eglu , with a big pile of straw, so she could calm down, settle down & let nature take its course. Success! !egg!

I am so glad this happened on my day off. I could watch the drama unfold - just fascinating, exciting and nerve-racking all at the same time!

My little girl was excited too - of course we took pictures & called Daddy at work to tell him.

Nina's egg survived almost until Daddy got home this evening - little accident involving 4 year-old fingers, oops :( (At least it resolved the dilemma of what to do with such a precious gift - scoop it up off the fairly clean kitchen floor and offer it to Daddy for his dinner!)

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