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The Singing Chicken!

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we dont have singing....we have "who can chirp the loudest" competitions quite often and also a lot of arguing before bedtime ("im sitting there - no you sit there").


they are funny things eh!? :lol:


constant supply of amusement and entertainment.


people who dont have chickens really dont know what they are missing

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My two seem to have a range of different noises, I love the sort of whining clucking they do when they are ready to go to bed.... :wink:


Gwen also does a lot of annoyed "stop bothering me, you stupid human" clucks if I try to stroke her - she's not joined the friendly chicken category yet :roll:

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I know exactly what you mean charlotte - our chickens do 'little chirring sounds' too - they're my favourite of their great vocabulary! They do them when they're very happy (just let out to peck grass, or in a dustbath) and sometimes Maisy does them when she's laying an egg too. But I don't think its associated with being boss - I think its a pleasure sound. You must have a very happy chicken! :lol::lol:

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