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Lohman Browns

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Has anyone ever come across this breed before - I'm thinking of getting another couple of chooks, and all mt favourite breeder has at the moment is a pair of Bovans Neras (had one, and didn't really like her - stand-offish and grumpy most of the time!) or a pair of Lohman Browns.


Don't suppose anyone knows how friendly they are, how well they lay etc.

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The PM about your supplier? Yes thanks - have you passed on the details to Barbara, or do you want me to do it?


I get all my chickens from Paulas Poultry, near Jedburgh - she is absolutely fantastic, and while it's a bit of a treck to get there, it's worth it - we've always got lovely healthy birds, and when I had a minor concern over the health of one of my newest Bluebelles, she was more than willing to help us. She's fab! I cannot recommend her enough!

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I've never heard of the Lohmann Brown, and when I did a Google search for it discovered that the poor thing is heavily used for genetic experiments.


But if you refine your Google search to exclude certain word: for example you could copy this into your Google search (quotes and minus signs essential):

"lohman brown" chicken uk -genomics -vitro -experiment

you will get a lot of information.


It's a German hybrid widely kept by battery farms, which means it will obviously be a good layer, and you will see people on forums confirming this. Here's a pic of three of them on an alternative egg production farm in Denmark. "The operation involves some 20,000 hens living in perchery, barn or free-range conditions."



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