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Protective Chicken

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Could anyone help please?


Maggi has been laying for about two weeks. In the last couple of days she has become very protective of the Eglu and is attacking Gabbi who hasn't laid yet.


Gabbi has had a chunk taken out of her comb and everytime they are near each other Maggie goes for Gabbi and she is very scared. :cry:


Has anyone got any advice as it is difficult for us to keep them seperatley?


Is it possible for two chickens to live in an Eglu when one is so protective of her 'nest'? Maggie also follows us to the Eglu and doesn't like it when we clean it out or mess with her sawdust.

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oh dear bridgy - that does sound like a bit of a problem - not sure what to suggest really - hopefully it is something that will pass. I know that when Mavis is going through a broody spell she can be a bit possessive and will chase me and peck my feet after I've chucked her out the nestbox - but she never attacked Edna.


Poor Gabbi :(


I hope someone else has some good advice for you ...

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Bridgy, is she sitting in the nest box guarding it or just in the Eglu generally? If its the nest box, once she has laid her egg for the day, I'd be tempted to put a brick in the nest, or even shut them both out of the Eglu?

Maybe someone else will have better advice soon.....

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Not sure what advice to offer, but my Bossy, who is top hen, is very protective of the Eglu, and has to examine it thoroughly when I have cleaned it out, she no longer has a go at the others as the pecking order is now well established. She used to watch the others when they were on the nest as well, standing by the eglu and peering round into the nest box :shock: Could it be that your Maggi is trying to establish herself as top hen?

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Hi thanks for your posts. We left the eglu door open half way overnight so that Gabbi could escape if necessary. There's only been a couple of minor pecks so far this morn so we are hoping it'll calm down.


Maggi is protective of the eglu as a whole but doesn't like us tampering with her nest especially. She too examines supervises the cleaning and examines it when it's cleaned out - it's funny. Gabbi is not laying yet though so it's not like she's stealing her nest.


How long does it take to establish a pecking order and do they start doing this once they're maturing? Maggi has been laying for a couple of weeks so that could explain why it's happening now - she gets up tight every morning, is noisy and storms in and out of the eglu several times before she lays her egg. They have lived together so happily since August it's a shame that Maggi is being mean now....


Gabbi is scared of Maggi when she comes near her but is otherwise fine and healthy so as long as there are no further injuries I think she'll be ok.

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