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Emma Eggtastic

Keeping My Run-bound Girls Amused

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After a nasty experience with Mr. Fox last week, Hubby and I are now keeping the girls in their run during the day whilst we are out at work because we're unable to get home and get them all secured until after it's dark.


I'm worried the girls will be getting bored and would like to know of some tried and tested things that can be placed in the run, or hung from it, to provide them with some stimulation during the day. After all, Happy Hens = Tasty Eggs = Happy Hubby and I! :D

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We've hung up a CD and ours peck and admire their hair in that. :D

Also you could hang corn on the cob from the run for them to jump and peck at.

Hiding treats in the run (in the hemcore) so they can scurry and search.

We also have dustbath in cat litter tray for them to use when they are not out the run.


im sure more suggestions will follow !

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I know it is increadibly messy but using layers mash rather than pellets means they spend a lot longer filling their tummies :lol:


think of all those bored and insane zoo animals - the answer was to feed them food that took time to eat, so it must be the same for chickens :think:


mine adore layers mash (and spreading it around, and generally making a big mess).

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