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The mop head on the right is my eldest son, lead guitar. The clip is from a gig they did earlier this year. School have just decided to start doing rock school music grades and he's been assessed at grade 8, wow. He's only ever had classical guitar lessons and hasn't had those in ages so he's mainly self taught. He's taking grade 3 jazz piano next year and will probably take the grade 6 rock guitar first and then grade 8 possibly before the end of next year. So proud, that's my boy that is :D

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Many thanks, the sound quality isn't great as it was taken with our little hand held video camera and it may not be everyones style but I'm so proud of him acheiving this. They are getting a few gigs here and there and a foloowing among their peer group. It may not be top of the pops but he's chuffed and they do play mainly their own stuff. Although they have just done a very neat cover of heart of glass

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.sophs.[x]"]wow, i would love 2 be really good at rock music. i play the drums a bit, but am also mainly self-taught and i used 2 play classical guitar when i was little but gave it up. how old are your sons?

I bet if you gave the guitar another go Sophie, it would all come flooding back to you. I'd love to play the drums. Sounds like a good way to de-stress!

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