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Microwave Tablet Recipe - Anyone Have It?

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Claret wrote

What's tablet folks?


Tablet is scrummy! It looks like fudge but the texture is different - its really sweet and the sugar just melts in your mouth, a bit like soft kendal mint cake (but without the mint). Great for the tastebuds but not the waistline.


4oz marg

large tin condensed milk *

2lbs sugar

1 cup milk


* not sure what weight this is but I guess approx 400g?


Melt the marg slowly, add the milk, then the condensed milk & lastly the sugar. Stir frequently until all is melted. Boil for 30mins. Take of heat & beat for 2-3 mins. Pour into greased tins. Leave to set. Cut into fingers or cubes.


I haven't had tablet for years I might make some next week when I'm off after Christmas.

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No Chocolate Clare that would be sacriledge :shock:


Mind you my grandmather would be horrified at the use of a microwave :lol:


Grandma Wards Luxury Scottish Tablet




900g/2lb Castor sugar


200ml/7/2fl oz Fresh FULL FAT milk


75g/2oz Unsalted butter


400g can Condensed milk


¼ tsp Vanilla essence


1 level tsp Golden syrup




Lightly grease a swiss roll tin with some unsalted butter and place in the freezer


Using a large pan


Put butter and milk into the pan over a very low heat until the butter has melted.


Add the sugar and stir lightly until the sugar has melted and the mix does not feel gritty. The slower this is done the better as this will result in smoother tablet.


Bring to the boil slowly and add the condensed milk.


Bring it to the boil again and add the syrup.


Reduce the heat and simmer stirring occasionally, when it is caramel in colour test it to the soft ball stage, keep cooking until it is.


Remove from heat and once the bubbles have subsided add the vanilla essence.


Beat thoroughly until the mixture thickens and begins to sugar the pan bottom.


Pour into the tin and when it has set mark it into squares.


Cover with foil and return pan to the freezer.


Leave it until very cold approx 1 hour then turn out of pan and break into pieces.


This is the traditional way of doing it :wink:

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Thanks folks, I'd forgotten about this thread, been so busy! Louise, that sounds like my dad's recipe.....but he used to faff around with a thermometer all night as well! I can honestly say the microwave stuff was lovely - sugary crisp on the outside and soft and melty on the inside!

In one of my favourite restaurants (The Cornhill at Coulter, by Biggar - not too far for you Louise!) they have Tablet Ice Cream with Butterscotch Sauce - if you have a sweet tooth this is absolute heaven!

Thorntons have fairly good tablet - a wee bit firm but nice all the same.

I'll keep searching for the microwave version and let you all know if I find it.

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