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Cate in NZ

A really, really silly question

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I feel almost embarrassed posting this query, but I just know that someone out there will help me.

I've just found (eventually, after days of searching) my favourite Christmas CD under daughters bed, covered in all kinds of revolting sticky stuff. She used it over a year ago as part of a dance project at school and the rotten child never returned it to me, and of course I forgot to ask her for it. Anyway, it's back, and I'd love to play it as it's got some of my favourite Christmas songs on it, but it needs cleaning first. What can I safely use on a seriously sticky CD to clean it without damaging it?

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I frequently have to wash DVDs that the boys have covered in jammy finger prints - I just rinse them in warm water, and occasionally a bit of liquid soap, followed by a drying with a tea-towel. Doesn;t seem to do them any harm!

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Thanks all. I did think about plain simple soap and water but worried that I might damage it somehow with that. Off to give it a gentle soaping and then I'll be rocking under the Christmas tree, drving home for Christmas and waiting for that darned Spacemn to come travelling :wink:

Merry Christmas Everybody....... now was that Slade or Wizzard :? . Gotta get that CD on and find out :wink:

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