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:lol: Aren't we a mine of information?


Absolutely, almost enough information to write a book entitled '1001 things to do with lemon skins' :D .


Now I have half a litre of lovely organic lemon juice, lots of half lemon skins (which I will take into the shower with me to keep my knees and elbows smooth :D )and loads of lemon pips!


Any suggestions for the pips, do you think they will grow folks?


.. or put them in the dishwasher for a couple of days? :lol:


Haven't got one of those, as I'm a bit devoid of household gadgets Lesley, my house is the one the 21st Century forgot :lol::lol:

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Ooh Laura, I did mine yesterday too!


How long are you leaving your zest in for? I was going to leave it for forty days, but the way the colour is coming out, I will have itchy feet to finish off in a couple of weeks!


I just need to get the juice out of the lemons now. Can you freeze lemon juice, or does it not go off too quickly?


Does anyone know if I can put the lemon 'skins' on the compost heap?


hows it coming on??


mine is smelling quite potent!

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:lol::lol: Laura I just found this thread to ask you the same thing!


Mine appears to be bleaching the lemon zest now, although the colour of the vodka hasn't changed much since after the first day when it leached out quite quickly. The zest is a pale yellow now, not strongly coloured at all, and the smell is much the same as after the first few days too :? I wonder if the zest actually goes white?

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I completed my Limoncello last night and have two litres of the stuff now. It is quite a delicate flavour and sweet (well it is a liquour!). I thought it wasn't lemony enough and added a drop of the lemon juice from the organic lemons to my tasting glass, it was awful!! I can see why the Italians put it on desserts it would make a lovely sauce! It has a nice vodka 'kick' if you take a shot of it and hold it in you mouth to get the full flavour :shock: I have tried it from the fridge and it is better the colder it is, must put one bottle in the freezer to see if it goes opaque!


Very nice, will be making more in the future :D8)

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I am doing the Washington Post recipe I posted at the beginning of the thread, Laura. I forgot it was 13 days and completed the Limoncello at 14 days instead. The zest was very pale when I removed it. I made half the recipe, 1x750ml bottle cheap vodka, 9 medium/large organic lemons, then almost three cups of water and 3 cups of sugar. Two litres of Limoncello for £9. Not bad!

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