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Laura & CTB

Asbo girlies!

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I've had my girls for just over 3 months now and am having a great time with them



.....however :roll: in the last week they have become vandals


1. Digging up all the dirt from under the hedge (that they ate :x ) and chucking it all over the decking


2. Kicking up all the gravel by my water feature and chucking it all over the decking


3. Pecking out beakfuls of earth from my flower pots, eating some and chucking the rest all over the decking



What used to be a five minute job each day of cleaning eglu etc is now five minutes cleaning eglu and half an hour cleaning garden....



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Laura - this sounds so like our situation - we have LOTS of gravel and it needs brushing back into place every time after they have been out.. :roll:


Although our last house had no gravel - we did have a lawn, and I think I prefer brushing back gravel to the impossible task of trying to keep mending the lawn... :D

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my girls also like potted plants - and because my garden is predominantly decking and gravel we have a lot of pots.


The girls like nothing better than scatting off the decorative coloured glass gravel I have on top of the compost in the pots and tucking into the compost!


naughty blighters :D

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