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Bark chips

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We have our eglu on bark chips, as suggested in the Omlet guide. However, the February 07 issue of Practical Poultry has highlighted that bark chips can contain cocoa residues which harbour a toxic agent called theobromine. We are now wondering if we should use it and whether it did for Ginger who passed away recently. Any views/advice?

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Funnily enough, I heard the same thing from a guy that could supply ordinary wood chippings. But I'd already bought my bark chippings by then, and no one else seemed to be having a problem. One answer would be to go over to wood chippings and/or aubiose/hemcore. But it would be interesting to know more about this issue. Anyone else know??

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The laydees used to be on bark chippings but they have all been covered in mud and soil so aren't visible anymore.


We're off to Stroud later to go and get some hemcore/auboise to put ALL over the run (I think it will look like a mini snow scene but what the heck!)


The ground is starting to form little puddles in the clay where it's now so muddy and I think that any visions of having a lawn next year are dwindling fast!




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We have bark chips, & have also tried Aubiose.

As we have a walk-in run the Aubiose was not very successful, as it all sticks to your wet shoes, so I am sticking to bark for the time being,which doesn't get trodden into the house.


Like Andrews,ours is more dirt than bark no, so I need to give the girls a bit of a spring clean & top up soon :D

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