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Layers Mash

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Like Martin said some chickens make a mess when eating it. They peck out the best bits first :roll: However my chickens love it !


You could try putting a shallow tray underneath the feeder to catch any spilt food. The mash will start to smell very bad if it gets wet. Sometimes I remove the feeder late afternoon and my chicken tend to eat some of the spilt food from the ground.


Layers mash can be served dry or made into a warm porridge using warm water. The mash porridge will be appreciated on a cold Winters morning. My chickens get the dry mash in the grub feeder and the porridge is put in a plastic cat bowl (red of course to match the Eglu :D )


You can make the porridge using pellets. Soak in hot water for about 10 minutes mix and let it cool before serving (a good way to use up the pellets)

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Try getting a galvanised trough feeder - I got one when my chicks were on chick crumbs - it stopped them scattering it all over the place as it has a lip on it.



Just done a quick search - mine looks a bit like this one


69_2.JPG but without the rungs on the top. It's importnat to get one with a lip on the top edge so that they can't scatter the feed out. I think that mine cost about £5 from the local feed store.

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Thanks for your advice,arn't chickens contary I locked the girls in the run for 3 days with just pellets and they've emptied the peanut :lol::lol: .Mind you I let them out today they have repaid me by scoffing my home grown spinach (was for Sunday lunch) :twisted:

Looks like layer pellets for lunch. :wink:

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I bought a bag of mash from scats which the chooks munched much more than the pellets. After finishing that bag of mash i thought i would try another brand from SPR. They like it a lot better, they really enjoy it. I didn't think there could be that much difference cos it looks exactly the same but they know the difference :roll:


Have chickens got taste buds cos they certainly know what they like and don't like :?

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