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Martin B


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Its not just the pre teens.


My 20yr old niece is studying Environmental Sciences at University....


She was convulsed with laughter when she regaled us with an anecdote of how her group of a dozen or so went out on a field trip into the wilds of Derbyshire to learn the basics of Dry Stone Walling ( having all received advice to dress suitably for the weather...with particular regard to footwear).... and two of the girls pitched up in strappy glamorous high heeled shoes and another in boots admittedly...but expensive zebra striped nubuck which had cost over £100 (on a student loan :roll:)


They were all wearing make up and had straightened their hair!!


They were genuinely surprised that drystone walling was an outdoor thing and horrified that their hair might go frizzy.




As well as A levels...an assessment of common sense should be mandatory for those going to University...after all, they might end up running the Helth Service one day :lol:

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This rings bells Egluntine! Most of the students on my silversmithing and jewellery course are in their very early 20s (unlike me) and it amazes me that they'll turn up to bash metal and use huge torches and sinks of acid wearing skimpy high heeled outfits, long flowing hair and false nails! I'm virtually the only one in an apron! (Omlet one of course!! :lol::lol: )

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Yes! And yet bizarrely they're tight on some health and safety things like 'no food or drink in the building'! I think this is particularly strange as it surely can't be good for you not to have easy access to drinking water. Some people just don't understand risk assessments!

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