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Ducks again...

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I still really want o keep ducks and have been looking into it some more and have posted on the PP forum.


I know the cons and am prepared to put up with mud, emotying ponds etc but i just wondered if someone could tell me (lesley maybe?) whether it would be mean to keep just 2 drakes together (ie would it be very sexually frustrating for them or would they be ok?!) :lol::oops::?

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I don't really know Helen, about keeping drakes together. We started with a male/female pair. They had ducklings, the 3 ducklings which grew to full size were all drakes and 4 drakes to 1 duck was not very good for the duck :? The 3 ducklings are now in the freezer.


The duck is noisier than the drake but not by much really. P P forum will be able to help you far more.

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Hi Lesley

Yes i have been on the practical poultry forum but they gave me mixed replys on whether it would be ok to keep 2 drakes. However the lady who seemed the most experienced seemed to think it would be ok...


Are Ducks a lot noisier then chickens? Have you had any experiance with call ducks?

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